Medication Synchronization

  • Do you have difficulties keeping up with your medication refills? Possibly forgetting to get into the pharmacy to pick up your medications? Even missing a dose because you've run out of medication? If you answered yes to any of these questions- Medication Synchronization is for you. Medication Synchronization, also known as Med Sync, is a program we offer to help coordinate your medication refills so that you will be able to pick up all your medications at the same time, on a day that works best for your schedule. Speak to a member of our pharmacy staff today about how we can get you set up on Med Sync.

Medication Therapy Management

  • Medication therapy management, otherwise known as MTM, is a term used for a program to help you manage your medications and health conditions.
  • ----Do you take several medications for several different health conditions? ----Are you finding it difficult to manage your health and your medications?
  • ----Are you having any side effects from your medications? ----Do you have any questions about your medications?
  • ----Do you want to know how best to take your medications to get the most from your medications? ----Do you take medications that require close monitoring such as medication levels?
  • ----Would you like to know if you are up-to-date on the recommended vaccines?
  • ----Would you like to have a complete list of the medications you take for your personal use? ----Do you have any concerns about medication costs?
  • If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you may greatly benefit from medication therapy management. With this program, our pharmacists can help you better manage your medications and health conditions to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your medications. Make an appointment today for a medication therapy management session with one of our pharmacists.


  • When it comes to disease prevention, immunizations are key. Getting vaccinated not only protects you, but those around you. Our pharmacy is determined to help you and your loved ones stay up-to-date on all the recommended vaccines. We off a variety of immunizations:
  • -Flu (Influenza)
  • -Shingles (Herpes zoster)
  • -TDAP (Tetinus and Whooping Cough)
  • -Hepatitis A
  • -Hepatitis B
  • -Oral Typhoid
  • -Pneumonia (Pneumovax and Prenvar)
  • Our highly trained pharmacists can easily administer these immunizations right here at the pharmacy. Speak to a member of our pharmacy staff today about the immunizations we offer. (cost coverage may vary per immunization per insurances)

Delivery Services

  • Our pharmacy is proud to offer free delivery service within Sutherlin City limits, Monday thru Friday for your convenience. Speak to a member of our pharmacy staff about the delivery of your medications.